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I’ve just learnt about the impact heart failure has in the UK. I’m sharing this so we can all fight heart failure together to improve care across the UK.
Fighting Failure is a disease awareness campaign that has been sponsored and funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.


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This tool is designed to allow you to regularly self-monitor your heart failure symptoms. You can use this daily or weekly to determine any changes in the severity of your symptoms. It can help your heart failure team determine how your condition is progressing and make any appropriate treatment decisions.

Monitoring my condition

Track your symptoms

Use this quick and easy questionnaire to regularly monitor your symptoms. It could help you spot any change or worsening of your symptoms.

If you find your symptoms are changing and / or worsening, don’t panic. Simply contact your GP or your heart failure team and they will give you advice on what to do next.

Please note that the below list of symptoms is not exhaustive and not every patient may experience them. It is also important to ensure you know what to do if you notice any change or worsening of symptoms. Please discuss this with your healthcare professional.

This questionnaire has been designed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd and has not been validated externally for routine clinical use.

Track your symptoms

CVM20-C007m - September 2020

Question 1

I get short of breath, feel tired or get palpitations

Question 2

I get a cough at night

Question 3

I get breathless when lying flat

Question 4

I wake up gasping for breath

Question 5

I get swelling in my ankles/legs/abdomen

Question 6

I feel dizzy

Question 7

My appetite is poor

Question 8

I experience low mood

Thank you for completing
the heart failure symptom tracker

Download a PDF of your results. Please note that you can also manually fill in details about any sudden weight increase and other symptoms not listed above if you choose to print it out. You can share this with your doctor or nurse at your next appointment to have better conversations about your heart failure.

Download results

The questions included in this symptom tracker are based on the New York Heart Association (NYHA) scale1 (Question 1) and the heart failure symptoms as defined by the European Society of Cardiology chronic heart failure guidelines(2016)2.

2. Ponikowski et al. European Heart Journal (2016) 37.2129-2200

CVM20-C007m - September 2020


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Fighting Failure is a disease awareness campaign that has been sponsored and funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.

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Reporting side effects
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