Living with heart failure

Sandra is 51 and is fighting heart failure.


Life with a diagnosis

Depending on how far your condition has progressed by the time you're diagnosed, and how soon you start receiving care, treatment and making any necessary lifestyle changes, you may be able to delay the progression of your heart failure.

Monitoring my condition

Track your symptoms

Use this quick and easy questionnaire to regularly monitor your symptoms. It could help you spot any change or worsening of your symptoms.

If you find your symptoms are changing and / or worsening, don't panic. Simply contact your GP or your heart failure team and they will give you advice on what to do next.

Please note that the below list of symptoms is not exhaustive and not every patient may experience them. It is also important to ensure you know what to do if you notice any change or worsening of symptoms. Please discuss this with your healthcare professional.

This questionnaire has been designed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd and has not been validated externally for routine clinical use.

Track your symptoms

CVM20-C007m - September 2020

Question 1

I get short of breath, feel tired or get palpitations

Question 2

I get a cough at night

Question 3

I get breathless when lying flat

Question 4

I wake up gasping for breath

Question 5

I get swelling in my ankles/legs/abdomen

Question 6

I feel dizzy

Question 7

My appetite is poor

Question 8

I experience low mood

Thank you for completing
the heart failure symptom tracker

Download a PDF of your results. Please note that you can also manually fill in details about any sudden weight increase and other symptoms not listed above if you choose to print it out. You can share this with your doctor or nurse at your next appointment to have better conversations about your heart failure.

Download results

The questions included in this symptom tracker are based on the New York Heart Association (NYHA) scale1 (Question 1) and the heart failure symptoms as defined by the European Society of Cardiology chronic heart failure guidelines(2016)2.

2. Ponikowski et al. European Heart Journal (2016) 37.2129-2200

CVM20-C007m - September 2020

Listen to...

Cardiology consultant nurse, Julie Holroyd, as she talks you through what you can expect to experience after being diagnosed with heart failure.

Meet people who are fighting failure

Sunil, Sandra, Bob and Ruth have all had a heart failure diagnosis. Read each of their stories to find out the impact heart failure has had on their lives and discover what they have been doing to fight the condition.

For family and carers
how can I help?

For many people, being a carer or supporting someone with heart failure can be difficult and overwhelming, particularly to begin with, but many carers say that it can also be extremely rewarding.

The help that a person needs can vary greatly, depending on the severity of heart failure they are experiencing and their personal circumstances. One of your roles might involve providing emotional support and helping them to maintain a positive outlook. Other ways you may be able to help include understanding and keeping an eye out for any changes in their symptoms, joining them at their medical appointments (if they would like you to), and encouraging them to play an active role in managing their heart failure and care.

Help us fight heart failure

Share what you’ve learnt today and together we can raise awareness of heart failure.

I’ve just learnt how to better care for people with heart failure. I'm sharing this to spread awareness of heart failure and the need to improve care across the UK.



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