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Use the data tool below to learn about the impact heart failure is having in your local area. Feel free to share what you've learnt on social media and help spread awareness of heart failure in the UK. Together we can raise awareness of heart failure and improve care across the UK. METHODOLOGY.


Heart failure is a potentially life-threatening condition that has a significant impact on public health and the NHS. This map shows how people and local health systems across England are affected by heart failure, drawing on available data.1

Nearly 1 million
people living with heart failure across the UK2
Nearly 1 million people living with heart failure across the UK2
Heart failure is the leading cause of hospital admissions in those over 655
Heart failure accounts for 2% of the entire NHS budget – over £2 billion a year3,4
A fifth of heart failure patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge6

1 Heart failure population data for 2018 has been sourced from Conrad et al. (2018). Hospital admissions, cost and comorbidities data has been sourced from Hospital Episode Statistics (2019/20) and the National Tariff Payment System (2019/20). Mortality data has been sourced from the NHS Digital CCG OutcomeIndicator Set (March 2020). Full reference details are available in the methodology.

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