Heart Failure Specialists

Sandra is 51 years old and is fighting heart failure.


Why fight failure?

It’s our goal to address the disparity of heart failure care across the UK. We aim to spread awareness and understanding of the condition and by doing so, urge members of the public to take action with their or their loved ones’ symptoms.

We want to help your patients understand that they play a vital role in their condition by managing and monitoring their symptoms. We want to support and encourage them to seek help if they need it, ultimately to achieve an earlier intervention and a better outcome for their condition.

By getting heart failure diagnosed early, we hope to reduce the strain on the NHS that has come under pressure with frequent cases of late diagnoses and delayed care for patients.

With Fighting Failure, we’d like to see the NT-proBNP blood test being carried out routinely for all undiagnosed patients within the UK who present the symptoms of heart failure to their primary care physician. This leads on to the next objective of Fighting Failure, which is to ensure that all patients, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, have timely access to specialist care – either a cardiologist, a heart failure nurse or a GP with special interest in heart failure.

Help us fight heart failure

Share what you’ve read today and together we can improve care for people living with heart failure across the UK.

I’m working to improve heart failure care in the UK. Together we can ensure every patient is diagnosed early and has access to a heart failure specialist.



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